Vodavi V6812-MGCP VoIP Phone

Vodavi V6812-MGCP	VoIP Phone
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Product Description

The Vodavi 6812 is an IP phone designed to support hosted telephony services over a managed IP (Internet Protocol) network.

The Vodavi V6812-MGCP IP Phone: Calls and features are controlled by your “Call Server” employing MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol) to provide real-time telephone communication over your Ethernet LAN connected to the Provider’s IP network.

Cleaned Tested and working

Signaling and control information are exchanged between the Vodavi 6812 and the Call Server while voice packets are exchanged on a point-to-point basis between the phone and the connected party through the Service Provider’s network.

Phone is powered by Power Over Ethernet (POE), if the installation does not support POE then the power supply is required.

Condition Detail: Cleaned tested and warranted
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